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  • Goals & Objectives

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Goals and Objectives

Don't Raid Nevada Coalition was set up to accomplish the following Goals and Objectives:

  1. Let the public decide the fate of the stadium. Since taxpayers money is being used on this stadium with no participation in revenues, then the voters should make this decision.

  2. Demonstrate the true costs associated with the stadium. The $750,000,000 is just the expense of the stadium’s initial development. The cost for ongoing maintenance, additional taxes for more cops, infrastructure, etc. is NOT being factored in the total cost. The tax is for 33 years which will generate an estimated $50,000,000 a year towards the stadium. Over 33 years would be an estimated $1,650,000,000 BILLION, more than DOUBLE the cost to taxpayers for the stadium!

  3. Inform the public of all risks. Schools, hospitals, road construction and state funded government programs including welfare will all be in danger if the state cannot raise enough money to pay for the stadium.

  4. Identify which politicians received bribes to vote in favor of the stadium. We will bring to light all the politicians who took legal bribes in the form of campaign contributions to vote yes for this stadium. Then the voters can decide who they want to vote out of office this fall!

  5. Discuss how local businesses will be negatively affected. There are many economic impact reports which clearly demonstrate local businesses lose big when there are new stadiums. Town Square and the southern part of the strip will be ghost towns during football season and major events and all businesses will lose money. Locals will not want to compete with traffic.

  6. Full Transparency on Financials. Since Nevada is a partner in the relationships we should be viewed as a large shareholder. Any large shareholder in any company has the right to review a company's books and records, we, Nevadans, should too.

  7. If Profits are realized, there should be a dividend paid to all Nevada citizens. The owners and managers of the taxpayer funded stadium do NOT want to share any profits even though Nevadans are making the largest financial contribution. Nevadans should get an individual tax credit when there are profits.

  8. Keep costs lower for tourists, not higher. One of the goals is to bring awareness to Nevadans how many taxes there are already in Las Vegas. We have to stop taxing tourists, we need to be competitive with top destinations internationally, the goal should be less expensive to stimulate tourism.

  9. Suggest alternative private funding options. There are many options available notably, is utilizing EB5 Visa funding model with favorable terms for projects like this. 

  10. Stop subsidizing Billionaires. There is no need for Nevadans to cover the costs of a project that Billionaires own. Billionaires are in the business of making money and taxpayers should not be the victims!

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